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Life as we know it is a constant process of taking up various kinds of risks. There are various types of risks involved that one has to face in their day to day lives. However, it has been proved by statistical analysis and data that the maximum risks that one is exposed to is on the road – during commute or otherwise. Thus, in order to be prepared for such risks, taking insurance cover is the most feasible option.

An insurance cover will not only help you if you happen to face any mishap, but will also leave you prepared for the same. And since an individual is susceptible to such risks on the roads, it becomes highly important to get a car insurance done.

Getting a car insurance

So now that you have understood about risks and why an insurance cover is extremely crucial, you must be wondering how to next go about in the process of getting car insurance. The first and foremost thing that you must absolutely do is conduct a bit of research and study on the various car insurances that is being provided by different companies for sedans, minivan, sport or SUV cars. You must also read different reviews of various insurance covers to get an idea as to what is up on offer.

However, if you haven’t already done so, there is no need to worry or panic. You can read about various different insurance providers here and then take your decision accordingly as to who you would like to go with for your car insurance.

Different car insurance reviews

Budget Direct Insurance

Budget Direct Insurance is one of the most highly rated insurance providers. Budget Direct is a company which is over ten years old and is considered to be one of the most trusted insurance providers in the whole of Australia. They provide top notch service and the products are extremely customer friendly and created to cater to the needs of the consumers. Their main philosophy is to reduce the cost, but not the cover in order to make it possible for every Australian to buy insurance policies.

Positive Aspects – One of the best things about Budget Direct Insurance happens to be the fact that despite providing the best of services, their rates are quite cheaper than most of the other insurance providers that you will come across in Australia. Moreover, the staffs are also always ready to assist you with any problem that you may have regarding the same. The staffs are always ready to help and are extremely courteous – be it applying for a particular insurance quote or anything else at all. Everyone is extremely dedicated at budget Direct Insurance to make sure that the consumers face no problem at all. They also provide many ways in which the claims can be sent to you directly. Moreover, there is a hotline which is installed to help the customers who are in dire need and can speak with professionals on that number. Solutions can be provided then and there itself.

Thus, it can be said that Budget Direct Insurance is an extremely good company to deal with. They are professionals and extremely dedicated in their field of work and will provide you with the best of services. So, you can surely think of getting your insurance from this company.

Bingle Car Insurance

Bingle Car Insurance Company is yet another Australian insurance company that you must consider when looking out for car insurance providers. The main purpose of Bingle Insurance is to provide good value car insurance to each and every individual staying in Australia. One if the best things about Bingle Insurance is the fact that they provide excellent services – be it good quality repair for damaged cars, providing the flexibility of choosing the value of cars, covering damages till $20 million, etc. This flexibility and variety of services provided is what draws the customers towards Bingle Car Insurance.

Positive Aspects – One of the most positive points about Bingle Car Insurance happens to be the fact that there have been numerous positive feedback posted by various clients of Bingle. The major share of the posts comprise of those people who have chosen Bingle’s comprehensive cheap car policy which is a great policy – not just in terms of the value, but also the car. Different clients have not only spoken well about the company, but also praised its professionalism towards their work. Bingle is extremely popular because of the ease of process that it provides. There are various companies that provide insurance cover but are extremely difficult to deal with. However, this is not the case with Bingle. They are extremely organised and the process is quite easy and simple.

Another extremely good feature about dealing with Bingle is that you can get the whole process done online, which is even simpler. You can also take assistance from the Information centre mentioned in the website in case there is a problem.

It can be said that Bingle is an extremely reliant company and one of the best car insurance providers in Australia. The services provided are cheap, but quality is never compromised upon. So, if you are looking for a car insurance company that is easy to deal with and provides good services, then you must check out Bingle car insurance.

Allianz Insurance Company

This is again one of the highest rated insurance companies of Australia. The popularity of Allianz Insurance Company is so immense that there are more than three thousand three hundred people in Allianz who are committed to provide car insurance to the people of Australia and there are over two million customers of Allianz Insurance. Allianz is basically a private workers compensation insurer that hopes to reach the goal of providing car insurance to each and every Australian.

Positive Aspects – One of the reasons as to why Allianz Insurance is so favoured is because of their ability to provide such cheap insurance to the customers. Moreover, the staff support of Allianz Insurance is one of the best in the whole of Australia. The support line staffs are excellent and committed towards the best interests of the clients. Thus, this is why Allianz is becoming a popular insurance company among all Australians.

Allianz insurance is a company that has been working towards providing insurance to Australians for years. Allianz has grown to become a brand name in the insurance sector. Thus, it is an extremely well-trusted car insurance brand and this is one of the reasons why customers show a high level of trust for this company. So, if you are looking for a good car insurance company that works to serve in the best interest of the clients, then you must go for Allianz insurance.


Woolworths has become a common Australian name but initially, it was started as a basement store in the year 1924 in Pitt Street, Sydney. Since the year 1924, Woolworths has grown from Australia to New Zealand in the domain of fresh food. However, the latest thing that Woolworths has now ventured into is car insurance.

Positive Aspects – Since Woolworths is an already famous name, it is extremely easy for customers to relate to the name and thus, the brand. The clients of Woolworths are extremely happy and satisfied with the level of the services that is being provided. Moreover, the staffs are also excellent and caring towards the customers. Thus, this makes the company an extremely popular choice. Not only are the services good, but the team is los extremely dedicated and strive to work for the betterment of the clients.

One of the best things about this company is the ease of making payments. Making payments is a very flexible and easy process and the customers are provided with choice – they can make the premium payments either fortnightly, monthly or annually.

So if you wish to associate yourself with a brand that can be highly trusted in Australia, then Woolworth is an extremely good option for you. With its high ratings and extremely good services, you cannot ask for more.

Progressive Direct Insurance

This is another very good option for getting car insurance in Australia. Though the company has had a long history dealing with car insurance in the USA, it has started dealing in car insurance in Australia from the past few years. The company has over 70 years of experience in total and thus, is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to car insurance.

Positive Aspects – One of the best things about this company is its client handling. Customers are treated with utmost care and respect and this is the reason why Progressive Direct is an extremely popular choice when it comes to car insurance. They provide excellent services and are a very reliable company.

So, if you are looking for a company with experience, good customer satisfaction and great value for money, then you must definitely go for Progressive Direct Insurance.

RACV Car Insurance

RACV stands for The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. This is an insurance company that was founded in the year 1901. The main reason as to why RACV was established was to provide emergency assistance on road, proper advice for vehicles, driving instructions and to conduct research in road safety. Thus, you can understand that insurance cover is something that RZCV takes extremely seriously and is passionate about. Thus, this is the reason why RACV started out with providing car insurance.

Positive Aspects – RACV is extremely reliable when it comes to car insurance. The staffs are extremely friendly and helpful. Any doubts that you have regarding quotes or policies will be taken up and explained in full detail. Thus, it can be said that the people at RACV are extremely passionate and dedicated people about car insurance and provide nothing but the best of the services to the clients and its potential customers. RACV is extremely reputable in this domain and has years and years of experience in the automobile sector as well. So, if you are looking for great performance and a dedicated team of professionals, then you must visit RACV.

Therefore, it can be said that RACV is a good and reliable company. If you are out on the hunt for car insurance, you must check RACV as they have years of experience and are masters at keeping the client happy and satisfied.

GIO Insurance Company

GIO is basically an Australian General Insurance firm that was founded by the New South Wales State Government in the year 1927. The headquarters of GIO is now situated at Brisbane, Australia. The company is owned by Suncorp-Metway.

Positive aspects – GIO is yet another Australian company which is ages old and is dealing with insurance since the past many years. Thus, GIO is now a brand name with years and years of experience. Therefore, it can be understood that this company is a highly reputable company and is very popular among the Australians. However, this is not what makes GIO insurance a favourite in Australia.

GIO is an extremely popular company that serves the customers in the best way possible. The driving force of GIO is to be able to provide car insurance to everyone in Australia and there is an extremely dedicated team of professionals working every day to make this dream into a reality. Customers get the best of everything when dealing with GIO, and perhaps this is why GIO is highly favoured among the other insurance companies in Australia.

If you are looking for a car insurance company that has both prestige and power, then you must go for GIO. This company caters to the upper echelon in the society and thus, provides nothing but the best of everything. The policy prices may be a bit higher than various other car insurance companies that exist in Australia, but given the kind of services they provide, the premiums and price rarely seem as high. So, if you wish to have the best car insurance cover, then you must take a more important look at GIO insurance company.

Suncorp Insurance Company

Suncorp happens to be the largest general insurance company in the whole of Australia in terms of the net written premium. The key aspects that have helped in the success of Suncorp Insurance Company happen to be the highly regarded professional brand that is Suncorp itself. There are over eleven hundred employees in Suncorp that are dedicated towards providing car insurance to the customers and over 570,000 Australians have been a part of Suncorp so far.

Positive Aspects – One of the best things about insurance is the fact that the service is excellent. There have been no complaints by customers in the past and this is why Suncorp is regarded as a highly powerful and impactful brand in the insurance sector. The prices offered by this company are also quite reasonable and the staffs are highly dedicated and helpful towards the customers. The quality of the services provided is top notch and this makes Suncorp one of the most noted companies of car insurance providers.

Suncorp is an extremely well-established insurance company with great recognition and power. At Suncorp, every individual is regarded highly and the needs of the clients are always a priority. So, if you are looking for a good brand that offers great prices at even better services, then you must consider getting your car insurance from Suncorp.

RACQ Insurance Company

RACQ is yet again another highly rated car insurance provider. RACQ stands for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland. This was launched in the year 1905, and was initially a company that comprised only twelve members. However, since then, RACQ has had an incredible journey with the company growing and more members joining in.

Positive Aspects – RACQ is an extremely highly regarded company when it comes to car insurance. The company is extremely reliable and professional that aims to provide nothing but the best of services to the customers. The services are of good quality and the staffs are also extremely warm and caring towards the clients.

There is a dedicated team of professionals at RACQ that work every day to ensure that the clients get the best services possible. If you have any doubt regarding the policy, the quote or any other service at all, the team is always ready to help you with clearing your doubts. Moreover, the prices of the company are extremely cheap but the services, on the other hand are of extremely good quality.

So, if you want to deal with a company that has loads of experience in the car insurance sector, has a good team of experts to help you in the matter and want prices that are extremely affordable, then you must definitely check out RACQ car insurance providers.


Dodo Car Insurance

Dodo car insurance company is yet another favourite car insurance company in Australia. They aim to provide affordable and cheap car insurance to all the people in Australia. Dodo Insurance is a part of a group that aims to provide car insurance to all Australian families. Dodo is a low cost but high value provider of car insurance sector that provides cheap, affordable yet very good car insurance services to the people of Australia.

Positive Aspects – Dealing with Dodo insurance is extremely easy. There are various factors that make Dodo insurance of the best in the country. One of them happens to be great value. Dodo Insurance understands the value of money and so, the prices at Dodo insurance are extremely affordable. However, keeping the prices low does not mean compromising on the quality of services.

Dodo insurance provides great value of money in the sense that they provide many different features at affordable prices. Also, many insurance companies take an awful lot of time to complete the formalities of insurance. However, with Dodo insurance there is no such problem because the process is quite simple and easy. You can get a car quote online also and then compare your other options easily. Also, people working at Dodo insurance are highly committed individuals who respect the client’s view. The team is extremely professional and can be trusted easily. They are committed towards providing what is most apt for the clients at the best rate possible.

Thus, it can be easily said that Dodo insurance company is one of the best car insurance companies in Australia. If you want a smooth and easy experience with the best of services, then you must go for Dodo Insurance Company as the team is good and the services provided are of good quality. The clients of Dodo Insurance are extremely happy and satisfied with the services and this is why Dodo is a favourite of many Australians when it comes to car insurance.

What must you do next?

So, now that you have read about the different companies that provide car insurance in Australia, you must not make a hasty decision. First and foremost, you must read about each of the given companies above in with utmost concentration. After doing that, you must go to the websites and check about the company. This will give you a deeper understanding about each company and will enable you to understand more about what type of policy each company is providing, the difference in quotes, the kind of services, etc.

Having done that, you must understand your needs. You must know what type of policy you would be interested in and what services would you like. You must have your own budget ready too. Having done all of these things, you must start with the next step that is short listing the companies. The companies that do not fit in your requirements, you must delete them immediately.

Now, you will have a few names of the companies who you would like to deal with. You must enquire about these companies in greater detail. You must talk with neighbours and other relatives and friends to know more. Also, you must start getting quotes from these companies and compare them. Then, you must settle for the company whose quote matches your budget and whose services match with your requirements. Having made up your mind on one company, you must go and visit the office of the company and talk to the staff there. You must ask questions and clarify all the doubts that you have. Moreover, you must read the policy carefully and in great detail before signing. Also, carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy and the sections in fine print too. You must be absolutely crystal clear with your policy and must have no doubts about it whatsoever. You must raise questions and clear the doubts, and sign the policy only when you are fully satisfied.

Getting car insurance can be a tricky process, but you must not be hasty while making this decision. You must choose your car insurance provider with great care and attention and must be absolutely sure about the decision that you take.