2017 Holden Captiva LTZ Review

Holden Captiva speaks out practicality you need in day to day driving. The car comes at the lower end of the budget when it comes to SUVs, but with that price range, this car delivers you a very good performance, space that is more than enough for seven people, and features that are going to make your driving experience smooth. Captiva doesn’t fail in any of the department, rather performs exceptionally well, way beyond your expectations from this budget car.


Holden Captiva is packed with TURBO CDI diesel engine of 2.2 litres providing a good performance to the car. Power to weight ratio is 82.3w/kg, making it a good option in budget SUVs. You can feel this power while driving and accelerating. The maximum torque of 400Nm is delivered @ 2000rpm and maximum power of 135kW @ 3800rpm. Though you can’t expect this car to be sporty, but it does perform close to it. Being an average SUV, people don’t expect it to perform, but only the people who have actually driven this car, know that it is a strong contender in the segment. With the fuel tank capacity of 65 litres, it drives about 100 kilometres 8.2 litres, giving you a good range of 600-700 km per full tank. This car is a practical daily commuting car, you can expect it to run well on city roads, take sharp turns, and accelerate when you need it to. More