Mitsubishi Outlander (Aspire Phev Hybrid) 7 seater SUV Review

Mitsubishi outlander is a beast among SUVs. The company has tried to be up to the expectations by launching this model, and I must say, they didn’t disappoint the crowd. Outlander comes at the higher end of the budget, also, way more sporty than most of the SUVs. This car has got everything- power, steering, comfort, terrain riding and good suspension. It is a hybrid car, having tools for plug in wherever you go. This makes this car a good option for heavy duty drivers that expect a lot from this car. Build quality of this car is way more rigid than expected due to the fact that it is made for rough road experience.

Performance: Outlander is packed with 2 litre petrol engine with hybrid capabilities. Engine type is multi point fuel injection, maintaining the power to weight ratio of about 48.1w/kg. Engine produces maximum torque of 186Nm @4500rpm and maximum power of 87kW @4500rpm. To drive, it has 1SP automatic transmission. If you accelerate this car, you will feel the power, and are going to bamboozled by the smoothness of transmission. The company has perfectly tuned the RPM and gear shifting that you won’t even feel a single jerk. Independent battery is mounted under the floor, delivering same power to the wheels, without any interference from the petrol engine. On fully petrol, it drives 100 km per 5.5 litres, and figure becomes around 1.8 if the batteries are fully charged. The range of 52 kilometres isn’t practical in day to day life, but for commuting around the distance of 15 km, you don’t need to worry about the fuel ever. Overall, the performance of this car is world class with world class features. More