Infographic: 2016 Global Car Sales Statistics

The global car sales statistics have revealed a number of things for 2016 and giving us a clear insight regarding the sales and manufacturing of the highest selling cars. Users can also look at these statistics to get a better idea of which company has fared to do well and reigns on the top in sales as far as the year 2016 is concerned.

According to the 2016 global car sales statistics, the best-selling car in that year was Toyota Corolla, with 946,000 sales. However, as far as the biggest auto manufacturers were concerned, Volkswagen ranked on the top with at least 10.31 million units manufactured in 2016. The second best selling car in 2016 was Volkswagen Golf followed by Ford F-Series, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Polo, with 740,000, 729,000, 564,000, 555,000 and 540,000 units sold in 2016. Contrarily, the figures changed as far as the biggest auto manufacturers in 2016 were concerned, as Toyota ranked on the second number, after Volkswagen, having 10.21 million units manufactured, Renault-Nissan on number three, with 9.57 million units manufactured, Hyundai and Kia motors on fourth, with 8.17 million units and finally, General Motors on number 5, with 7.97 million units manufactured in 2016. More