2017 Nissan Qashqai Review

Nissan mini SUV Qashqai is a solid contender to this new segment. The car is comparatively smooth than, most of the cars in the segment, and practical in day to day use. Front look of the car is admirable, and so is build quality. You can expect performance, decent acceleration, and great cargo space. Due to this reason, this car is among the best seller in UK. Nissan makes reliable cars, and this car is a perfect example for this. Australian market’s response is admirable to this car; let’s have a look why people love it. If you are looking for family car read our 7 seaters SUVs Review


The cars get its power from MULTI POINT F/INJ 2 litre petrol engine, which creates maximum torque of 200Nm @ 4400rpm and power of 106kW @ 6000rpm. The power to weight ratio is about 75.3W/kg. The ratio is quite good, considering the engine, so this means that you get good amount of acceleration and power. Qashqai takes comparatively lees time to reach 100 km mark, and drives well. On city roads, this car has better drive quality than most of the cars in the segment. Fuel efficiency is economic. It drives 100 kms in 6.9 litres, and has a tank capacity of 65 litres which give you decent 750 km range per full fuel tank. This car drives very neat on city roads, and engine doesn’t sound rough even on high RPMs. This is quite a problem with small engine cars, but this car is an exception. More