Volvo XC90 SUV Review

Volvo is known for making quality and safest cars on the planet. If you’re considering buying a family car, then I think, Volvo is a great company to start with. Company’s new car in the segment is Volvo XC90 SUV, gained popularity as soon as it got launched. In a matter of time, it became the most talked family car of the year. This car is perfect match of safety, performance and stability on the roads. Family cars need some extra features, which could be hard to find in normal cars, but this car has got things which even some family cars lack. Let’s head towards the detailed review of this beast.

Performance: Being a family car, it is quite a performer. The engine has capacity of 2-litre with twin-charge producing maximum torque at 400Nm@2000rpm and maximum power at 235kW@ 5700rpm. With that power, this car can catch up 100 km/hr in 6.4 seconds, maintaining the fuel consumption to fairly economical in the segment. If you’re running it on mixed cycle, it can run 100km/ 8 litres. Engine gives power to an eight-speed automatic transmission, with peddles on the steering wheel. Haldex all-wheel-drive system makes it easier to go on any type of road comfortably, with stability. You can change the settings by the drive mode switch. Throttle, steering, traction and economy settings can be altered according to the type of roads and situation.

Steering and Suspension: when the car is big, the type of suspension and steering used really matters. RACK & PINION – POWER ASSISTED steering make it extremely easy to turn around in the city and take sharp cuts. Turning radius of the car is 11.8 meters, which guarantees some sharp turns. Front suspension is Double wishbone, Coil Spring, Gas damper with Anti roll bar and rear suspension being a Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper with Anti roll bar. Collectively, they do an outstanding job in balancing the car in vigorous roads. At high speeds, the suspension absorbs jerks due to sudden turns and brakes. Volvo has done a great job in overall experience of the car. More